How to carry out effective involvement and engagement

We've created a toolkit for local organisations to help them meet their duties to involve the public when planning health and social care services and collated other useful resources too.
Cover of Involvement Toolkit

Toolkit summary

  • Understand how involvement and engagement differ
  • Find out your about your duties to carry out involvement and engagement 
  • Read our practical tips for effective involvement and engagement

‘Involvement’ in planning & improving health & social care services - a Healthwatch Reading practice guide for public organisations

Other useful resources

We've compiled resources from other local Healthwatch across England for you that also contain lots of best practcie advice on involvement and engagement.

Healthwatch Derbyshire: Best Practice Guide
Healthwatch Derbyshire: Good Engagement - Consultation Checklist
Healthwatch Devon: What to Expect From an NHS Public Consultation
Healthwatch Kent: Best Practice Guide to Consultation
Healthwatch Kent: Best Practice Guide to Engagement
Healthwatch Warwick and Healthwatch Coventry: Good Engagement Charter

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