Where can students find mental health advice?

A local sixth form student curated this guide of five resources that can help young people with their mental wellbeing, during work experience with Healthwatch Reading.

1. YouTube

For the younger generation YouTube inspires many young people with short videos explaining stories of a wide variety of people from different backgrounds, struggling and then overcoming and dealing with their mental health problems. By watching these videos it could help motivate you to do the same and overcome mental health problems.

2. Sportspeople 

Hearing about people you admire going through similar mental health problems can be really beneficial. If they have gone through the same health problems as you and overcome them, you might believe you could do this too.  Sportsmen Danny Rose and Peter Crouch talked about their issues with Prince William in a BBC documentary shown in May 2019.

3. NHS Advice

The official NHS website has a section called Moodzone which outlines how to deal with all types of mental health problems, going into detail and clearly laying out signs, and how to get further help. It also provides videos on how to deal with certain mental health problems. 

4. Your Place of Learning 

Throughout your school years, teachers and tutors may deliver special classes on mental health and how you can deal with them. Most universities, colleges and secondary schools provide support groups, social spaces and clubs, counsellors, as well as teachers and friends to talk to.

5. Celebrities

Many young people look up to celebrities so hearing and reading about how they dealt with their issues can inspire young people and show them ways to deal with their their own similar problems. It also shows that mental health challenges can happen for many different people from a wide variety of backgrounds.