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Find out about the advocacy support that our charity can give to local people.
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As well as delivering the local Healthwatch service, our charity is also contracted to provide a range of one-to-one advocacy to local people. We call this service Reading Voice and we deliver it in partnership with the learning disability charity, Talkback.

Advocacy we provide:

  • Statutory Care Act Advocacy: helping vulnerable, older or disabled people to have their say during social care assessments, care reviews or safeguarding processes
  • Statutory Independent Mental Health Advocacy: supporting adults who are 'sectioned' onto hospital wards to understand their rights and care
  • Statutory NHS Complaints Advocacy: assisting the general public to resolve concerns or complaints about NHS access, care, communication, treatment & more
  • Social Care Complaints Advocacy: helping adults resolve any concerns or complaints about their social care arranged or provided by the local authority
  • Child Protection: supporting vulnerable parents/guardians during legal processes
  • Litigation Friend: providing support in court for people who lack mental capacity

What is advocacy?

Advocacy is free, independent and confidential to eligible people. It is about helping you to:

  • understand your options and rights
  • be empowered to make choices about your health, wellbeing & life changes
  • speak up about what's important to you
  • be heard by health, care or other professionals & decision-makers
  • address or resolve your concerns or issues.

If you are unable to communicate or understand your options, our advocates will speak up on your behalf, taking into account your legal and human rights and information we get from those closest to you.

Advocates are independent, which means they are not employed by social services, the NHS, or any other organisation making final decisions about the care or support you need.

Advocates are formally trained and DBS-checked to work with vulnerable people.

Get in touch

Reading Voice welcomes calls from individuals, relatives, charities, social workers, NHS staff and others who need to get help for themselves or a client.

07365 519 920 (remote working helpline while our office is closed during Covid)


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