Getting your Covid vaccine booster in Reading

Find out who's eligible and where you can get your booster.
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Article updated 22 October 2021

Reading people are now being called up to get a Covid booster vaccination.

Scientists say there is early evidence that protection from the initial two Covid vaccine jabs may reduce over time, particularly in older people, so the government agreed in mid-September to offer a booster dose to help keep people well over winter.

Who is eligible?

The booster is being offered to:

  • People living in care homes
  • Frontline health and social care workers
  • All adults aged 50 years and over
  • Everyone aged 16-49 with underlying health conditions

What vaccine will be offered?

Ideally one dose of Pfizer or a half dose of Moderna, regardless of which type you had for first two doses. AstraZeneca can be offered in certain cases.

When can I get it?

People will be offered vaccines in the same priority order as they got first doses – so care home residents, older people and clinically vulnerable people will get it before other, healthy adults.

It is being offered six months after your last primary dose. 

The programme officially began on 16 September but local launch times have varied.

Where will I need to go?

Like with the first vaccine doses, people will either be encouraged to use mass vaccination centres (like the one in Broad Street), some pharmacies or attend GP-led hubs.

Booster vaccine locations

Booster vaccines are by appointment only at all locations.

GP-led hubs

  • Balmore Park Surgery: running on-site booster clinics for its own patients 
  • Emmer Green Surgery: running on-site booster clinics for its own patients
  • Watlington House, South Street: booster vaccine hub for patients at Long Barn Lane, London Street and South Reading surgeries
  • Circuit Lane Surgery: Running a joint booster clinic for patients of Circuit Lane, Western Elms and The Potteries surgeries
  • Tilehurst Village Surgery: booster vaccine hub for patients of Tilehurst Village and Chancellor House Surgery, Grovelands Medical Centre and Westwood Road Health Centre
  • Milman & Kennet Surgery, Reading Walk-In Centre (registered patients), Abbey Medical Centre: Planning a joint vaccine hub
  • University Health Centre: running joint clinic for patients at University and Whitley Villa surgeries


  • Boots in Broad Street
  • Erleigh Road Pharmacy, Erleigh Road
  • Triangle Pharmacy, School Rd, Tilehurst

Mass vaccination centre

  • Broad Street Mall, Reading

How do I book my vaccine?

When it's your turn, the NHS will send you a text or contact you asking you to book via the online national booking system or with your GP surgery.

GP surgeries are appealing to people not to call to ask about vaccine dates as their phone lines are already busy for people seeking general appointments.

Can I get a flu vaccine at the same time?

It is safe to have the Covid booster and the flu vaccine at the same time and the NHS would ideally like to give you both in one go, but it will depend on whether supplies arrive at the same time.

Where can I find out more?

JCVI advice

Government coronavirus webpage

Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Group website

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