June 2019

Connie's Colander

Community events
Calcot Community Centre, Highview, Calcot, Reading RG31 4XD
Thursday 13th June, 2019 - 14:15 to 15:15

About this event

Human Story Theatre presents Connie's Colander. Connie is a retired domestic science teacher. Emily, her daughter, is enjoying hosting her first TV cookery show, Connie’s Colander, bringing her mother’s recipes onscreen and up to date. Sensitively, with humour and tenderness, this newly written play traces the evolving relationship throughout their lives and the impact of Connie’s Alzheimer’s. Can their relationship, and the TV show, survive?

An informal atmosphere is created for the Q&A, facilitated by the two actors, with local dementia specialists able to signpost people to their local services. Building on the story within the play, the audience is also encouraged to share their own experiences, both to ‘offload’ and also to help support fellow audience members, if appropriate.

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