Council takes more time to decide future of two key social care services

It is likely to take more than two years to relocate Focus House, for people with mental health needs, and the learning disability respite service, to sites that are fully fit-for-purpose.

The future of two council-run social care services will not be decided upon until later this year, according to papers published on 16 May 2019.

Reading Borough Council had consulted with service users and the general public about the relocation of Focus House, a mental health supported living home currently based in in Castle Street, and the learning disability respite service currently based in Whitley.

Findings of the consultation published by the council, state that full proposals on the future of the services would be shared towards the end of 2019, and then it anticipated it would take two years to complete the projects.

"We have not made a formal decision at this stage. We are considering all the information alongside a wider review of our buildings, however we have taken on board the feedback you’ve given us and it is being used to explore the options going forward," the council said.

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Top priorities for people on relocation of Focus House:

  • A safe building, homely environment and convenient access to support services
  • Facilities should include a garden, living room, and kitchen
  • Indoor excercise space is also important
  • Developing independence, socialising with other residents and having peer support, and access to support staff onsite during the day

Top priorities for learning disability respite service

  • accessibility of the building, feeling safe and secure, and access to support
  • possibly moving it to, or near, the learning disability service at Strathy Close

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