Reading people urged to protect themselves from flu this winter

Find out if you're eligible for a free flu jab and where you can get one in Reading
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A wide range of people in Reading are being being urged to take up the offer of a free flu jab to protect themselves from the potentially harmful effects of the virus this winter.

Doctors’ surgeries across Reading are running special walk-in flu clinics (see box), community nurses are visiting primary schools to vaccinate children whose parents have consented, maternity services are offering immunisations to pregnant women, and pharmacies can also give flu vaccines for free to eligible people.

You’re eligible for a flu vaccine on the NHS if:

  • You fall into the 65+ group, for people born on or before 31 March 1955
  • You have an underlying condition such as COPD or are being treated for diseases such as cancer
  • You’re a child who was aged from two to 10 on 31 August 2019
  • You’re pregnant
  • You live in a care home
  • You have a learning disability
  • You’re a carer
  • You’re a health or social care worker.

Flu clinics at doctors' surgeries

Circuit Lane & Western Elms Surgeries:

Saturday 12th October: people aged 65 and over (65+)
Saturday 26th October: people with chronic diseases
(Clinics will be held at Circuit Lane surgery only, for patients from either surgery)

Tilehurst Potteries:

Saturday 19th October, 8.30am-10.30am: Eligible adults aged 18 and over (18+)
Saturday 9th November, 8.30am-10.30am: Eligible adults 18+ and all eligible children 
(A 65+ clinic was held Saturday 28 September)

Grovelands Medical Centre:

12 October, 8am-10.30am
(A clinic was also held on 28 September)

South Reading and Shinfield Group Medical Practice

Monday 14 October, 10am-3pm, at Shinfield Health Centre: Over-65s and under 65s at-risk
Saturday 19 October, 8-11.30am, at South Reading Surgery: Over-65s and under 65s at-risk
Wednesday 23 October, 10am-3pm, at Shinfield Health Centre: Over 65s and under 65s at-risk
(An over 65s only clinic was held 28 September)

Long Barn Lane Surgery and Southcote Clinic:

From October: Every first Saturday of the month from 9am-1pm and every Tuesday and Thursday. Call to make an appointment.

Abbey Medical, Chatham St, Eldon Rd, Kennet, Melrose, Milman Rd, and Pembroke doctors’ surgeries, and Reading Walk-In Centre:

All of their websites urge patients to contact the surgery to book a flu vaccine appointment.


Healthy people who get flu usually recover within a week, but people with weakened immune systems or health conditions are at risk of developing serious complications such as pneumonia.

Because strains of flu can change, doctors recommend that at-risk people get a new flu vaccination every year.

Eligible people have the right to choose whether to get their free flu vaccination from their GP or a pharmacy. People outside of the at-risk groups can choose to pay to get a flu vaccination.

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