Jasmine House Nursing Home 'in breach of care regulations'

The Care Quality Commission says the home is not meeting its obligations around person-centred and safe care.
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Jasmine House Nursing Home in Reading has been failing to deliver person-centred care that treats residents with dignity and respect, according to findings from an independent inspection.

In a report published on 18 November 2019, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) said the home was in breach of care regulations and must now produce an action plan to rectify the problems. The CQC will liaise with Reading Borough Council – which places some people in the home and also oversees safeguarding of adults in the borough – to monitor progress.

Inspectors would return to check improvements in due course but ‘if we receive any concerning information we may inspect sooner,’ the CQC report states.

During the unannounced inspection visits, on 24 and 26 September 2019, the CQC found a range of issues (see box) and heard from some residents that felt staff were uncaring towards them or too busy to meet their care needs.

What the inspection found:

  • Several people were left without stimulation or engagement for extended periods
  • One person was found coughing and at risk of choking with no staff around
  • One person was found wandering unsupervised near a lift in the dementia wing that could be operated without an access code
  • People with dementia were found several times wandering the building aimlessly
  • Staff took a long time to respond, if at all, to some wandering, agitated residents 
  • Some people said staff did not care about them or treat them properly
  • Some people described having to wait a long time for help
  • The home was very hot, and some people had fans in their room
  • Residents sat in their armchairs at the dining table instead of proper dining chairs 
  • There was no overall fire evacuation plan for the home
  • There was no evidence that feedback from residents’ surveys had been acted upon
  • There was no evidence of staff supervision
  • Health professionals raised concerns about the ability of staff at the home to recognise when residents had reached an end-of-life stage
  • A possible physical abuse case had not been reported as required to the CQC
  • The manager did not have systems to check and improve quality and safety.

The inspection team spoke with 12 residents, six relatives and 10 permanent staff. It also looked at paperwork including 13 care plans and eight medicine records.

The CQC has given Jasmine House an overall rating of ‘requires improvement’, down from its previous rating of ‘good’. The CQC is the national body that checks the quality and safety of all care homes and has legal powers to order improvements.

Jasmine House, in west Reading, has capacity for 79 people and at the time of the inspection, 75 people were living there. It is Reading’s second largest care home; the biggest, River View off the Oxford Rd, which can take up to 137, is also rated by the CQC as ‘requires improvement’ and in ‘special measures’.

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