Reading people asked for views on council's draft spending plans for next three years

Reading Borough Council says it plans to invest £7m on better social care faciltiies for elderly and vulnerable adults.
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Reading people are being asked to give views to the council on its draft budget for the next three years.

The budget covers everything from council tax, bins, roads and social care, including `an initial £7 million on better adult social care facilities for the elderly and vulnerable adults'.

The consultation runs until Sunday 19 January 2020.

An equality impact assessment of the spending plans undertaken by the council identifies that:

  • 'intensive consultation' will be needed around adult day service 'reconfiguration', to 'ensure that any proposals are co-produced'
  • there may be changes for the way people with mental health issues or a learning disability, receive services, under plans for 'enhanced reablement'
  • more generally, service users and their families 'could experience a shift from a 'cared-for' environment to a 'supported to' environment and that this should be discussed in care planning and progressed 'only if all parties agree that this is in the service user's best interest'
  • public health spending is being made in leisure services to ensure all residents can benefit from increased physical activity but there may be reduced access to residential alochol rehab placements, treatment for drug addiction and access to contraception for some residents 
  • young people with extra needs who transition into adulthood should experience positive impacts from proposed council changes but this 'would require a culture shift in some cases that would require considered care planning and careful communication'.

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