Royal Berkshire Hospital changes visiting rules

The hospital says it has had to make a 'difficult decision' about visits by families and friends to see inpatients.
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All inpatients at the Royal Berkshire Hospital will usually be restricted to having one visitor per day, according to a statement made on 17 March 2020.

People who are unwell or in a vulnerable group, are being asked by the hospital not to visit at all.

The hospital's website states: 'We are asking the public to limit visiting and to consider other ways of keeping in touch such as phone calls, ‘Facetime’ or Skype.'

Royal Berkshire Hospital visiting rules

Adult inpatients: Limited to one adult visitor who is immediate family or carer, per day, get permission from ward sister/charge nurse for children aged under 12 to visit

Scans for pregnant women: Bring only your birthing partner

Women in labour at the hospital: Bring only your birthing partner

Women on postnatal wards after births: Limited to your birthing partner

Neonatal wards (caring for premature babies): Two visitors allowed

Children inpatients: Two visitors allowed, including a child aged under 12. Wards allowed to use their own discretion for any other visiting arrangements

Coronavirus patients: Restricted visiting, speak to nurse or midwife in charge as advice will be reviewed daily

End-of-life patients: Less restricted visiting, check with staff

DO NOT VISIT any ward, outpatient or testing area if you are:

  • Unwell, especially if you have a high temperature or a new persistent cough
  • Vulnerable as a result of your medication
  • Have a chronic illness
  • Over 70 years of age

The hospital adds: 'We are taking these measures to limit the spread of the virus and to protect our staff, our patients and our communities and would ask that you work with us at this time.

'Our staff are here to help and to care for your relative - please be mindful of this and respect that the decisions they are making are in the best interests of patients and you.

'NHS staff should not have to suffer violence, abuse or discrimination and we operate a zero tolerance policy on this type of behaviour.'

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