Update on the local impact of Covid-19

More than 140 people have lost their lives with Covid-19 in our borough, according to latest data.
Photo of Royal Berkshire Hospital

Latest figures show that 144 people in Reading have sadly died with Covid-19.

Of these deaths, 77 occurred in hospital, 55 in care homes, 7 at home, 3 in hospices and 2 in other communal establishments.

The figures, published by the Office for National Statistics, cover people who passed away up to 15 May and whose deaths were registered up to 23 May, where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate.

As of Thursday 28 May, a total of 584 people in Reading had tested positive for Covid-19. This equates to a rate of 358 cases per 100,000 people, the highest rate in Berkshire, according to the Public Health England data.

Separate figures published by NHS England up to Thursday 27 May, show that Berkshire Health NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Prospect Park Hospital in Reading, had reported 17 deaths of patients with Covid-19 so far, while Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Reading’s main hospital (pictured above), had reported 174 deaths. Both trusts treat patients who live in a range of areas across Berkshire.