Royal Berks wants your views on redevelopment

An online survey has been launched to help the hospital decide its future after 181 years on its main site on Craven and London roads.
Photo of Royal Berkshire Hospital

Should the Royal Berkshire get new buildings in a different part of town, be redeveloped on its current site or just tinkered with around the edges?

These are just some of the questions that the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust is grappling with as it starts to seek your initial thoughts about how to secure modern facilities for the future.

Ideas for RBH redevelopemnt

  • Refurbish some existing buildings and build a limited number of new buildings on the existing town-centre site
  • More susbtanital rebuilding, and some refurbishment on the current site.
  • Build a completely new hospital on the current site.
  • Build a completely new hospital on a new greenfield or brownfield site elsewhere
  • Develop a new hospital in one location but locate certain services (such as outpatients) in another location.

Last year the trust got some funding from the government to start developing plans and it has now launched a standalone website dedicated to the topic, along with an online survey to get public feedback.

You have to register on the website with an email address and password to take part in the survey.

Healthwatch Reading will give our views in due course, based on engagement work we have carried out in the past with local people.

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