We're here to help you register with a GP

Healthwatch Reading is backing a local NHS campaign to help people sign up with a local GP, whatever your circumstances.
GP consulting with a patient

People who seek help at A&E for general health problems will be encouraged to register with a local GP under a new local campaign.

Fact sheets will be handed out to people on how to register or they will be told they can contact their local Healthwatch in Reading, Wokingham or West Berkshire if they need more advice and practical help with signing up.

The campaign has been launched by Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Group to help people who don't have a GP, such as homeless people, asylum seekers and refugees, new residents who have moved to the town, or visitors.

Dr Abid Irfan, chair of the CCG, said: “It really is very important for people to register with their GP and it’s a very straight forward process. You may be asked for proof of identify like a driving licence, but you should not be refused registration or appointments because you do not have a proof of address or personal identification at hand."

How to register with a GP

Follow this local NHS fact sheet

Contact Healthwatch Reading (if you live in or are visiting Reading)

Your rights

  • You are entitled to free care from an NHS GP if you are homeless, an asylum seeker or refugee or an overseas visitor
  • You can register with an NHS GP regardless of your immigration status
  • Your application can't be turned down just because you don't have proof of address
  • You can be seen as a temporary patient for three months if you are visiting an area
  • NHS GPs take new patients living within their practice boundary - ask for a map
  • GPs can ask for permission to stop taking new patients if they have high workloads

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