Who should take charge of planning and funding our health care?

NHS England wants integrated care systems to take over the role of clinical commissioning groups - have your say on its plans.
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The public is being asked for views on another shake-up to the planning and funding bodies in the NHS.

NHS England (NHSE) is running a public consultation on two options that explore how ‘integrated care systems’ should get new statutory powers.

NHSE says its preferred model is ‘Option 2’, for integrated care systems to take over the current statutory role of clinical commissioning groups (GP-led groups that commission health services for their local communities).

Under this option, an ICS board would include representatives from NHS hospitals and other providers, primary care and local government. ‘Although there would be a representative for primary care on the board, there would no longer be a conflict of interests with the current GP-led CCG model...’, according to NHSE. 

An alternative arrangement, Option 1, would retain CCGs but create a statutory ICS accountable officer and committee that brings together all commissioners, providers and local authorities to take 'collective responsibility'.  There would be one CCG per ICS. This model ‘may in some cases confuse rather than clarify accountability’ for patient outcomes or finances, the NHSE says.

Regardless of which option is finally chosen, each ICS should create local partnerships that ‘at a minimum’, include primary care provider leadership; local authorities, including Director of Public Health; providers of community and mental health services and local Healthwatch, the plans add.

Healthcare for Reading people is planned and funded mostly by Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Group (BWCCG). Our CCG is also a member of the Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West Care System, which takes a strategic overview.

The NHSE consultation runs from 26 November 2020 and closes 8 Jan 2021.

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