What's it like to phone your GP surgery?

Take our new survey to tell us if your call is answered, put on hold or cut off.
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We've launched a new survey for Reading people to share their views about contacting their surgery by phone.

As we move out of lockdown, we're keen to find out if the most used NHS service - doctors' surgeries - are easy to get hold of and your main reason for calling. As your statutory healthwatch watchdog, we'll use the findings to work with local doctors to get things right.

Take the survey

Call our team on 07786 476 257 to complete over the phone 

The survey is anonymous and takes just a few minutes. It runs until 25 April 2021.

Our survey also asks people if they know of alternative ways to contact their GP surgery.

We've launched our poll as our national body, Healthwatch England, calls for a national review of the way the public accesses their GP surgery, in a new report.

"If people cannot get through to a GP, not only can their health and wellbeing be put at risk, but demand on already overstretched hospitals gets worse," said Sir Robert Francis, chair of Healthwatch England.

He added: “It is important that people understand the changes brought in during the pandemic are here to stay and how that affects the way they can get the care and support they need.”

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