Royal Berkshire Hospital seeks governors

Governors appoint key staff and give public input over the running of hospital services.
Photo of Royal Berkshire Hospital

Elections have been launched to fill the posts of five places on the council of governors of the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust.

The council of governors holds the board of the trust to account and represents the community, stakeholders and over 9,400 members of the trust. It is responsible for key actions such as appointing the chair of the trust and also provides a perspective on what patients and public want from hospital services.

The posts up for election are:

  • Reading x 1 vacancy until July 2024
  • Southern Oxfordshire x 1 vacancy until July 2024
  • West Berkshire & Borders x 1 vacancy until July 2024
  • Wokingham x 1 vacancy until July 2024 and 1 vacancy until July 2022.

Nominations must be submitted by 28 May, with voting opening on 22 June and results announced on 16 July.

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