Changes take place in primary care networks

Two of Reading's primary care networks, covering 90,000 patients, are affected.
Patient having their blood pressure taken by their GP

Some GP surgeries in Reading have changed which primary care network (PCN) they belong to, according to details shared at a recent meeting.

Reading Walk-In Centre and Abbey Medical Centre have moved from the Reading Central PCN to join Whitley PCN, while Long Barn Lane, London Street and South Reading have moved from Whitley PCN to Reading Central PCN.

A meeting held in public on 13 July heard that the changes to PCNs were due to ‘shifts in relationships between different practices’.

How PCNs are now arranged in Reading

Reading Central PCN (changed): Pembroke, Melrose, Chatham Street, Russell Street, Long Barn Lane, London Street and South Reading surgeries

Whitley PCN (changed): Milman Rd Health Centre, Kennet Surgery, Reading Walk-In Centre and Abbey Medical Centre

University PCN (stays the same): University Health Centre and Whitley Villa Surgery

Tilehurst PCN (stays the same): Tilehurst Village Surgery, Grovelands Medical Centre and Westwood Rd surgeries

Caversham PCN (stays the same): Balmore Park and Emme Green surgeries

Reading West PCN (stays the same): Circuit Lane, Western Elms and Tilehurst (‘The Potteries’) surgeries

PCNs are groups of surgeries that work together on initiatives for their combined populations of patients. Most recently this involved them sharing admin and clinical staff to run Covid vaccination clinics in their neighbourhoods. PCNs also get money direct from government to hire extra staff to help ease their workload, such as prescribing pharmacists or social prescribers.

The changes mean that Whitley PCN will now cover 32,758 patients, 10,000 fewer than beforehand, and the Reading Central PCN will cover 56,681 patients, up from around 47,000.

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