More evidence emerges on GP phone access

A national survey gives results for each surgery and follows a recent Healthwatch Reading report.
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The national GP Patient Survey (GPPS) has revealed how each Reading surgery is performing on phone access according to patients' experiences.

Only 42% of patients thought it was easy to get through to someone at Western Elms and Circuit Lane surgeries compared with 95% of patients at Abbey Medical Centre, the survey findings show. Seven Reading GP practices scored below 70%, the national average.

The GPPS follow a Healthwatch Reading survey in which people expressed frustration about getting through and in some cases poor impact on their health. 

How does your surgery rank?

Percentage of patients who find it easy to get through to someone at their surgery:

  1. Abbey Medical Centre: 95%
  2. Pembroke Surgery: 94%
  3. Emmer Green Surgery: 93%
  4. Balmore Park Surgery: 86%
  5. University Medical Group: 83%
  6. Russell St Surgery: 81%
  7. Westwood Rd Surgery: 80%
  8. Tilehurst Village Surgery: 78%
  9. Grovelands Medical Centre: 77%
  10. Long Barn Lane Surgery: 69%
  11. London St Surgery: 68%
  12. Tilehurst Surgery Partnership: 66%
  13. Reading Walk-In Centre: 63%
  14. South Reading and Shinfield Group Medical Practice: 62%
  15. Chatham St Surgery: 59%
  16. Melrose Surgery: 58%
  17. Milman and Kennet Surgery: 58%
  18. Western Elms and Circuit Lane Surgeries: 42%

Source: GP Patient Survey 2021, carried out by Ipsos Mori for NHS England

Balmore Park Surgery was rated the best surgery for overall experience in the GPPS, followed by University Medical Group and Emmer Green Surgery. The bottom three were South Reading & Shinfield Group Medical Practice, Western Elms and Circuit Lane Surgeries and Russell St Surgery.

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