Tell us why you've not had your Covid vaccine

Answer our 2-minute, anonymous survey available in seven different langauges.

We've launched a survey to find out why eligible people in Reading haven't yet had a Covid vaccine.

Healthwatch Reading believes the public conversation about vaccines has sometimes been divisive and simplistic, leaving people labelled as 'anti-vaxxers', when in reality their reasons are varied and unique to their personal circumstances, beliefs or ability to access services.

So we've created a quick, anonymous survey, running until 7 March, to give people a chance to express their reasons without being judged.

Our survey in 7 languages

We've translated the survey into other languages to make it easier for a range of Reading residents to share their views.

Healthwatch Reading will share the findings with local NHS and public health experts so they can gain a better understanding of people's point of view and remove any practical barriers in the way of accessing vaccines.

Nearly 50,000 people in Reading, aged 12 and over, have not yet come forward for Covid vaccination - around one-quarter of the eligible population.

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