Have your say on mental health care

The government is running a public consultation until early July.
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The public is being asked for views about mental health care in a new government consultation.

People’s feedback will help shape a ‘bold’ 10-year plan, said health secretary Sajid Javid.

He added: “Too many people, particularly our children and young people, still do not have the right tools and support to look after their wellbeing or get the early help that they need to prevent mental health problems from escalating."

How to give feedback

Share your views in the consultation survey, which runs 12 April to 7 July, and asks:

1. How can we all promote positive mental wellbeing?

2. How can we all prevent the onset of mental ill-health?

3. How can we all intervene earlier when people need support with their mental health?

4. How can we improve the quality and effectiveness of treatment for mental health conditions?

5. How can we all support people living with mental health conditions to live well?

6. How can we all improve support for people in crisis?

The government said it wanted to hear everyone’s views, including:

  • children and young people, adults, and older adults who have experienced mental ill-health
  • people who have cared for someone affected by mental ill-health
  • staff or volunteers in health and social care who support people with mental health
  • people or volunteers in workplaces where they meet people affected by mental ill-health (such as schools, job centres and housing associations)
  • academics and experts who work on mental health.

Share your thoughts

You can help make health and care services better by sharing your experiences and ideas.

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