Government updates advice on care home visits

The gudiance stresses the importance of visits to people's wellbeing.
Photo of child hugging grandmother by Ekaterina Shakhorva on Unsplash

Care home residents should not normally experience bans on having visitors, according to updated government guidance.

The Department of Health and Social Care guidance, which applies from 4 April 2022, says: “Contact with relatives and friends is fundamental to care home residents’ health and wellbeing and visiting should be encouraged. There should not normally be any restrictions to visits into or out of the care home.”

Any resident who has tested positive with Covid should be allowed at least one visitor while they are isolating, the guidance adds.

Family and friends are advised not to visit loved ones in care homes if they have been feeling unwell, even if they have had Covid vaccinations, because other transmissible viruses such as flu and norovirus can be 'just as dangerous' to care home residents as Covid.

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