Face-mask rules relaxed at Royal Berks

The hospital has updated its guidance for visitors.
Photo of Royal Berkshire Hospital

Visitors to the Royal Berkshire Hospital no longer need to wear face masks or socially distance in most parts of the hospital.

The hospital announced the change to its visiting rules on 9 June 2022, ‘in line with national guidance and local data’ on Covid-19.

However, there will be some exceptions, which staff will explain to visitors on arrival in those parts of the hospital.

Hospital areas still requiring face masks

The Royal Berkshire Hospital says caution is still needed in:

  • A&E
  • Renal (kidney) and dialysis areas

  • Adelaide Ward (haematology and oncology)

  • Kennet Ward (respiratory)

  • Mortimer Ward (older people)

  • Maternity areas in some circumstances

Visiting is open from 10.30am to 8.30pm with a limit of two visitors per patient, however carers can attend at any time.

The hospital says visitors should continue to still be symptom aware and avoid coming into the hospital if feeling unwell or have symptoms of Covid-19

People can also continue to wear a face mask if they choose.

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