Have your say on draft mental health legislation

Tell politicians if you think planned changes tip the scales to better support people facing compulsory treatment.

Mental health patients, carers and others are being invited to give feedback to politicians about a major overhaul of the Mental Health Act.

A special parliamentary committee has launhced a survey seeking feedback by 16 September 2022 on how the draft Mental Health Bill will affect people.

The Bill was published in June, and if it becomes law, could give patients more say over their care and not force them into treatment against their will (be 'sectioned') unless they will benefit.

The government also wants the new legislation to improve care of people with autism and learning disabilities and address inequalities experienced by ethnic minority people.

How to have your say

In Reading, people with serious mental health needs are treated at Prospect Park Hospital or in the community, on a voluntary or compulsory basis.

The current Mental Health Act dates back to 1983, with some updates in 2007.

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